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For those of you who are longing for a serene and tranquil sailing trip, we will offer you a service throughout your journey by living on board.


Akshaya Tour

We are a passionate tour travel who aim to provide you an unforgettable trip and let you discover majestic places you’ve never been before in Indonesia. Our services are completely based on your schedule and passion which makes your fullest satisfaction become our most mission.


Our founder thinks that “Travel Agency is not only about selling, but also about passion, and we acknowledge that everyone has their own liking when it comes to travelling.” which leads us - Akshaya Tour here.


As a travel agency we really understand our each and every customer’s needs would be different. We are providing your trip from medium to luxury facilities, professional teams who will handle and guide you, also documentation service along the trip.

Our main purpose is helping our customers to reach their dreams and make it happen.
So, don’t sit around facing laptop if you’re still keen on stepping out to your new journey.

Let’s create your majestic experience with us!

Find us on Instagram to see our majestic experiences.

Can't wait to see you and share all the experiences while with us. Check our experiences with all the travellers on our instagram.


Let's make some experience that you will never forget.

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